Pastoral Care

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At Londonderry Primary School, we prioritise the pastoral care, general welfare, and safety of our students. Our commitment is to create a nurturing, supportive, and secure environment where each child is recognised for their unique talents and abilities, fostering an atmosphere for optimal learning and development.

Our staff members are dedicated not only to academic progress but also to the personal and social development of our pupils. We strive to establish a strong partnership between school and home, actively participating in the pastoral care of all children.

We place a significant emphasis on positive reinforcement, praising good behavior, and cultivating qualities of independence, kindness, thoughtfulness, and responsibility among our students.

Classroom and school rules are clearly communicated by teachers, reiterated in school assemblies, and on various occasions. All staff members are engaged in upholding the agreed-upon standards of discipline within classrooms and around school.

At Londonderry Primary School we recognise and celebrate the high standards of good behavior, attendance, and effort displayed by our students, we conduct weekly award assemblies for the entire school community to celebrate and share success together.

In instances of inappropriate behavior, we employ a constructive approach, engaging in discussions and encouraging self-reflection by the child. If necessary, teachers may involve parents or refer the matter to the Principal. We expect parents to collaborate with the school in maintaining acceptable standards of behaviour, fostering a collective commitment to the well-being and development of our students.

Child Protection & Safeguarding

At our school, the safety and well-being of our pupils are of utmost importance. An overview of our Child Protection Policy is prominently displayed within the school premises and is available upon request.

The designated teacher responsible for Child Protection is Mrs. C Hamilton, with Mrs. L Hutton and Mr. D McGarrigle serving as deputy designated teachers.

In the event of any concerns, they will be handled with sensitivity, adhering to Education Authority guidelines. Our staff is dedicated to fostering open and transparent communication with parents, the school community, and external agencies, including social services, education welfare, and the school nurse.